Before you Buy

Just a few pro-tips before you get started.

  • Windows Native. Mac Possible.

    The VoiceUPB Bridge configuration application, which you run on your own computer, runs on all versions of supported Windows. If you're on a Mac, we've got easy-to-follow instructions to set up the app using the free Wine emulator.

  • Understanding your UPB installation

    The file created by UPStart, the UPB configuration program, is needed. You may already have this or may need to request it from your UPB installer. UPStart, free to download from the PCSLighting website, can create that file by reading all your devices. In UPStart select from the application menu, "New Network" then "Network file from devices" to start that process.

  • Email Assistance

    If you have questions, we provide post-sales support to help you get it all working. This support is only by email. We do not offer phone-based support at this time.

  • PulseWorx Gateway Users

    With the VoiceUPB Bridge and the PulseWorx Gateway you have the best of all worlds. The two co-exist quite happily. The UPB Voice Bridge uses the PIM-R and Hubitat to provide voice control. If you have a PulseWorx Gateway, when you use VoiceUPB to control a device or scene, the Gateway detects that and updates its internal state automatically.

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Before requesting support, please read through the documents below. We've gone to lengths to answer common questions, and you can solve most issues quickly just by familiarizing yourself with what's here.

Still Stuck?

Email Support

We're happy to provide email support for our customers. If you're having trouble and can't find your answer in the documentation above, please reach out to us for help. We try to answer emails as quickly as possible but almost always within two business days.

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